Scart is a smart shopping assistant designed and produced to create an easier, faster, and more joyful shopping experience.
We believe that the future of
retailing lies in digital solutions, so we are resolutely decided to continuously improve our products and provide our services as a comprehensive and integrated pack. Besides, we are endeavoring to be among the pioneers of the new generation of smart shopping technologies and digital shopping services.

  • Shopping Mall Management Module
  • Store Management Module
  • Campaign Management Module
  • Special Offers & Promotions
  • Notifications & Texts
  • Campaigns Performance Report
  • Visitors Management Module
  • Analytical & Managerial Dashboards
  • Beacons (IPS Equipment) Management Module

Scart values

For mall managers
  • Valuable database of the shoppers
  • Analyzing the customers and their shopping history
  • Detailed analytics of visitors movement • Discovering high/low dwell-time areas
  • Increasing the customers’ time in the shopping center
  • Improvement of footfall and sales For Mall Managers
For visitors
  • A joyful and personalized in-store experience
  • Receiving personalized and location-based offers inside the shopping center
  • Easily finding a parking spot and the parked car
  • Indoor wayfinding to stores or other Points of Interest (POIs)
  • Managing the shopping list and optimizing the shopping time


For tenants
  • An effective communicative channel to connect with shoppers
  • Attracting new customers
  • Increasing the customers’ loyalty by offering targeted and personalized promotions
  • Targeted, effective, and cost-effective advertisement