Since some people, specifically old ones, have visual and hearing disabilities, they struggle with taking their medicine regularly and on time or maybe taking the wrong one which can lead to serious health problems.
Fortunately Daroukhan has solved this problem; we have designed an easy to use mobile application which helps people to take their medicines at the right time without any help from anyone else and be aware of possible interaction with other medicines being taken . It means Daroukhan has considered old people’s needs and it has been designed based on it.
People can be aware of drug interactions and side effects and keep the schedule of taking them under control. Voice notifications can be based on the custom recorded voice or system default.
This app has been designed in a way that the user can add an emergency contact phone so when they don’t take  their medicine for a while, this app notifies them by SMS. 

  • Can be used by everyone, especially adults and people with disabilities
  • Accurate schedule of medications
  • Observing the side effects of medicines
  • Access to the history of drug side effects
  • Adding side effects of your own
  • Personalize notifications
  • Send an SMS to an emergency phone number if you forget to take the medicine