Simply having a goal in mind won’t lead you to success and any goal with no plan is just a wish! We developed Aimify App to help you to achieve your goals by easy to use tools and functionalities and connecting you to a great community of skilled coaches on the area of your goal.
You can plan steps and habits to reach your goal step by step and measure your progress and get notified when you need to take any action.
The plan can be developed and maintained by yourself or you can find your desired coach based on their rating.
Aimfy is your dedicated assistant to make your personal development easy and realistic.

  • Create your goals and plan for each goal
  • Get notification whenever you need to do a task toward reaching your goal
  •  See and measure your progress on each goal.
  •  Sync your tasks with your Google calendar, so manage your time much better than before.
  • Find professional coaches and get support from them to have a plan for your goals, guided by community of experts
  •  Have your coaching panel if you are a coach in any area. 
  •  Access to a wide community of coaches and people who pursuing some goals
  •  Ability to personalize the profile as a coach and the ability to upload photos and videos
  •  Exchanging messages through the app between coach and coachee