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Softmediatec delivers high quality software solutions to you that scales based on your business requirements.

We make your ideas come true

We specialize in the production of mobile software, custom software and website design. Needs assessment, analysis, design, production and implementation and development of software system  in various fields, can be considered the main activity and  expertise of Softmediatec  Company. The  specialized  and experienced  technical team of Softmediatech, with mastery of modern technologies, will be by your side in all stages of needs  assessment, design, implementation, deployment  and  support to  meet the software needs of your organization in the best way.

Our Perfect Process

Concepts & Brainstroming
Research & Development
Sketching & Drafting
Execution & Digitalisation

Softmediatec Services

Custom application

Nowadays, the use of mobile applications is one of the most effective factors in having a competitive advantage among organizations. Building a case application seems very necessary for any business.…


Express your needs and expectations; Softmediatec team by utilizing the power of its professional design and programming team in accordance with your budget and the facilities you need, will design…

Our products in a bird’s eye view


Scart is a smart shopping assistant designed and produced to create an easier, faster, and more joyful shopping experience. We believe that…


Simply having a goal in mind won’t lead you to success and any goal with no plan is just a wish! We developed Aimify App to help you to achieve…


Since some people, specifically old ones, have visual and hearing disabilities, they struggle with taking their medicine regularly …